[Irl-dean] DfA curriculum and ICCHP

Mark Magennis mark.magennis at ncbi.ie
Wed Jan 11 15:41:30 GMT 2006

Anyone here going to ICCHP? The announcement below says that there is to
be a special session on Design for All and eAccessibility which will
include a presentation on Materials for Teaching Accessibility and
Design for All. May be relevant to our DfA Curriculum working group. If
someone from here is going they might be able to report back.


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Dear EDeAN partners, 

let me inform you on DfA related activities planned (so far) at ICCHP
conference (www.icchp.org):

1) Special Thematic Sessions related to DfA and eAccessibility:
- Materials for Teaching Accessibility and Design for All (chair: Julio
Abascal, Gerhard Weber)
- Automatic and manual evaluation of websites (chair: Helen PETRIE, 
Gerhard WEBER)
- and others ...

2) Workshop on DfA and eAccessibility organised by EDeAN (title to be
fixed), chair: Tahkokallio Päivi

3) Keynote on DfA and eAccessibility (to be fixed)

With best regards
Klaus Miesenberger


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