[Irl-dean] Call for comments on European Web Accessibility Certification

Barry McMullin mcmullin at eeng.dcu.ie
Thu Feb 9 22:30:37 GMT 2006

Dear Colleagues -

As many of you know, I am involved in an EU supported project,
Support-EAM, which is exploring the potential for a Europe-wide
system of web accessibility certification and labelling.

Associated with this is a CEN (European Standardisation Body)
"Workshop Agreement", entitled "Specifications for a complete
European Web Accessibility Certification Scheme and a Quality
Mark."  This is due to be finalised shortly.  The current draft
is available at this URL (MS-Word format only - yes, I am aware
of the irony!):


Comments should be sent to Tony Hittema <tony.hittema at afnor.org>,
Workshop Secretariat by 20 February 2006.  Response template at
this URL (again MS-Word format):


Comments received will be discussed at the final Workshop Meeting
to be held at the CEN Meeting Centre in Brussels, 14-15 March

Separately, and rather more simply, there is also a related
online questionaire on "Stakeholders needs for a European
Authority for Web Accessibility certification" at this URL:


This remains open until Tuesday 28th of February 2006.

I would request and encourage all members of irl-dean with an
interest in web accessibility to consider both commenting on the
CEN CWA draft and responding to the stakeholders needs survey.  I
say this even, or perhaps especially, if you have any doubts
about the effectiveness of this kind of development in improving
web accessibility across Europe.

Many thanks and best wishes,

- Barry.

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