[Irl-dean] Reminder: European Web Accessibility Certification questionnaire

Elaine McGlynn Elaine.McGlynn at dcu.ie
Wed Feb 22 12:48:21 GMT 2006

Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder about the Support-EAM [http://www.support-eam.org] questionnaire,
"Stakeholders needs for a European Authority for Web Accessibility certification",
which was previously discussed in an email from Barry McMullin (Feb 9th).

The questionnaire can be found at http://tinyurl.com/8ujsz and will close
this coming Tuesday 28th February. 

The aim of the questionnaire is to establish the needs of the stakeholders
(developers/managers/users of the web) with regards to a European eAccessibility
certification service. In completing this questionnaire, you are making a
significant contribution to the final stages of this important eAccessibility

Again, the deadline for the questionnaire is TUESDAY 28TH February, so please
respond as soon as possible. Your contribution will be very much appreciated.

With thanks and best wishes,

Elaine McGlynn


Support-EAM Project, DCU

Elaine McGlynn
Email: elaine.mcglynn at dcu.ie

Johanna Bolton
Email: johanna.bolton at dcu.ie

PH: +353 1 7007696

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