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What about stressing the  commercial benefits for companies in designing a
website which is fully accessible.

There was a recent study in the UK which said that companies with poorly
designed websites were missing out on millions of pounds in potential
revenue because visually impaired people found it too difficult to access
their services online.

Pointing out financial gain often concentrates the minds of companies rather
than the social and moral aspects of designing  accessible websites.


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Hi everyone, 

We are looking into taking a stand out in this years ICT Expo in May. 

Overall we want to promote the use of the principles of design for all. 
Last year we had some assistive technology at the stand to demonstrate with,
and a design for all presentation running. 
I am looking for suggestions for this year:

- Is there a theme or an aspect of design for all that would be useful to
- Ideas for the display & presentation

If we take the same size stand, we will have 3meters by 2 meters space, with
a small table. 

All suggestions are welcome.

All the best, 

Hugh O'Neill
Project Co-ordinator,
Central Remedial Clinic.

ph: +353 1 8057587
email:honeill at crc.ie

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