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Barry McMullin mcmullin at eeng.dcu.ie
Thu Feb 23 12:43:57 GMT 2006

On Thu, 23 Feb 2006, Hugh O'Neill wrote:

> We can also use the badly designed version to demonstrate how
> the Web Accessibility Toolbar could be used, as Donal proposed,
> alongside a demonstration of JAWS reading our flawed and fixed
> websites.  I think we need to include magnification software as
> well, for demonstration, and also switch / keyboard access.
> Any other thoughts on approach?

For what it's worth, WAI Education and Outreach Group is
currently developing precisely this kind of "before" and "after"
demo.  It is only in early draft form, with lots of dangling
placeholders, but may help with some ideas:


On a separate point, as Elaine has noted, the AIS toolbar is very
useful as far as it goes; but has a significant drawback in
(currently) being limited to Microsoft Internet Explorer only. Of
course, IE is still far and away the world's favourite browser -
but hardly first choice from a standards conformance point of

As Eamon just noted, firefox has alternative strengths of its
own.  Right out of the box we have easy magnification (up and
down), easy to switch off image animations (death to all
flickering ads ... unless they are in flash - but see below!),
tabbed browsing, and user control of new window/tab opening.

And once you have firefox, you can then pick from a long menu of
handy extensions:

Web Developer:

Accessibility Extensions for Mozilla/Firefox:

Document Map (finally get a table of contents from all those
  header elements):

Longdesc (context menu to access long image "descriptions");

Link Toolbar (finally get some benefit from those LINK elements!):

Flashblock (see how your site looks when users rebel and switch
  off all those irritating flash things):

NoScript (easily control where client side scripting is allowed
  and where it isn't - what IT security manager doesn't
  want to deploy this?):

LiveHTTPheaders (technies only, but see content negotiation in action!):

DOM Inpector (technies only!):

(So *why* did we have to wait so long for a really *extensible*

Best - Barry.

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