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brendan spillane brendan at ilikecake.net
Thu Feb 23 14:11:02 GMT 2006

Hi everyone

My name is Brendan Spillane of ilikecake limited and I have just joined

Am doing what is says in the introductory email and telling you a little
about myself.

I got interested in accessible design in college. My only real area of
experience is in accessible website design but I do like to read of new
innovations in other areas. I don't profess to be an expert in the field I
am constantly still learning and if anyone dose claim expertise in
implementing the W3C guidelines in multiple browsers, platforms, resolutions
while still creating good designs, satisfying the clients needs while also
taking into account outdated technology such as 2 year old browsers------
can they please come and show me=)))

What I like

People who go to the trouble of learning how to implement accessible design
and people who go to the trouble of making sure their organisations site is

What I hate

People who think that there is no need to implement accessible design
(councillors from certain political parties) people who say they have
implemented an accessible design but have either lied or only used the
automatic checkers.

Oh almost forgot, secretaries!!!!!!!

That's me

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