[Irl-dean] European Directives on Public Procurement

Mark Magennis mark.magennis at ncbi.ie
Fri Feb 24 11:17:12 GMT 2006

Thanks to Gerry for bringing this important subject up. In support of
his email, I have just sent one of my own. It went like this:

Dear Billy,

I am writing in support of Gerry Ellis's communication to you concerning
the ICT accessibility provisions in the draft regulations implementing
the revised public procurement Directives for the public sector.

I am fully in accordance Gerry's assertion that Design for All and
accessibility for people with disabilities should be explicitly required
in both the Contract Notice and the Technical Specifications for the

In order the achieve these aims, I would like to suggest the following
alteration to the wording:

In 23(2), replace the words "take account of the need to prescribe
accessibility criteria" with "take account of the need to design for all
by including accessibility criteria".

I feel that the word "include" is appropriate and unequivocal.

As well as the Technical Specification, it is important to ensure that
the requirement for accessibility is explicitly stated in the Contract
Notice. Can I assume that in 48(2), where it says "The invitation must
... include a copy of the relevant specifications or descriptive
document and of each of the supporting documents (if any)", this means
that the contract notice (RFT) will always include the full technical
specification, including the accessibility requirement?


Dr. Mark Magennis
Director of the Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT)
National Council for the Blind of Ireland
Whitworth Road, Dublin 9, Republic of Ireland

mark.magennis at ncbi.ie   tel: +353 (0)71 914 7464

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