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Paul Walsh, Segala paul at segala.com
Fri Feb 24 12:05:31 GMT 2006


You ask a very pertinent question and one that most people don't seem to
know the answer to.

First a practical tip -  ask the organisers to remove the ceiling. This will
open the stand up and straight away differentiate you from the stands beside
you. You're likely to have spots so you don't need the cheap ceiling lights.
This was an excellent tip I picked up from an exhibition company.

Everyone else is likely to use a lot of colour, so the more white you use
the more you'll stand out.

Before you talk about the 'creative' side, I'd advise you to ensure you have
a well defined objective - what is it you hope to achieve with the stand

"Overall we want to promote the use of the principles of design for all." I
don't honestly know what this means, so visitors passing by probably won't
know either. You need to be more concise - design in what respect? I've only
seen comments for web based design, so I'm assuming you're focusing on this?
I know the objective of the group is to talk about design in the widest
sense, but I've yet to read anything that's not web related. This isn't a
negative comment , I'm just trying to establish exactly what you want to
achieve with the stand.

The 'message' needs to be very clear and to the point. So, if I'm walking
past, I need to know what you do within 5 to 10 seconds. Slogans such as
increase in ROI and drive customers to your site don't work because everyone
else is doing it. 

Regarding the creatives, you could demonstrate the commercial losses of
inaccessible websites that don't permit access to search engines. Search
engine optimisation is something that everyone understands.

Hope this helps
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      All the best,
      >Hi everyone,
      >We are looking into taking a stand out in this years ICT 
      Expo in May.
      >Overall we want to promote the use of the principles of 
      design for all.
      >Last year we had some assistive technology at the stand 
      to demonstrate 
      >with, and a design for all presentation running.
      >I am looking for suggestions for this year:
      >- Is there a theme or an aspect of design for all that 
      would be useful 
      >to promote?
      >- Ideas for the display & presentation
      >If we take the same size stand, we will have 3meters by 
      2 meters space, 
      >with a small table.

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