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And don't forget annotated search results that highlight accessible websites
that meet users' preferences. So the real question is, can you afford users
to filter your site out of their search results in the future?
Here's an example of what the security people are doing www.trustwatch.com
you will note that every result is annotated with an icon. I met the CTO of
GeoTrust just before Christmas, while they were very keen to include our
Trustmark they weren't so keen to use open methods that are scalable for the
entire Internet. 
Search annotation allows users to make an informed decision before entering
a site. When I talked to Google about this at a recent W3C meeting they were
more interested in allowing users to 'filter' because changing the user
interface isn't easy to get sanctioned (I wonder why). 
Content discovery and selection based on trust is coming to a store near


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I agree with Paul on this epically about getting the message to the passers
by in only a few seconds. What may be useful is stating the amount of people
in this country that have at least 1 form of disability and inform the
passers by that their company maybe ignoring this major percentage of the
population (8%) 


Can any business afford to turn 8% of it potential customers away from the


It is my belief that accessible design will only really become mainstream
once there is an economic reason for companies to implement it whether this
is through advantageous access to more customers or heavy fines from the
government. And we have seen how long it takes legislation to come along. 





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