[Irl-dean] EU Web Accessibility Certification (yet another survey)...

Barry McMullin mcmullin at eeng.dcu.ie
Tue Feb 28 09:30:46 GMT 2006

Hi Folks -

Apologies, but I'm doing one last trawl for responses to the
survey below.  We'd really appreciate the maximum possible
response.  It should only take about 10 minutes to complete, but
the closing date is today, 28th February...

Many thanks,

- Barry.


     European "quality mark" for website accessibility:
              Stakeholders needs survey

As you may already know, DCU is currently involved in an
EU-funded project, Support-EAM <http://www.support-eam.org>,
which is exploring the establishment of a European "quality mark"
for website accessibility. As part of the project, an online
questionnaire, "Stakeholders needs for a European Authority for
certification", has been launched. The aim of the questionnaire
is to establish the needs of the stakeholders
(developers/managers/users of the web, just like you) with
regards to a European eAccessibility certification service.

We encourage you to complete this questionnaire, as a way of
contributing to a process which will potentially benefit you.

The questionnaire can be found at the following URL:


In completing this questionnaire, you are making a significant
contribution to the final stages of this important eAccessibility
project. It should not take any more than 10 minutes to complete
and your participation will be very much appreciated. Please note
that the questionnaire is closing on Tuesday 28th February, so
please respond as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Barry McMullin
eAccessibility Lab
Dublin City University

email: <barry.mcmullin at dcu.ie>
phone: +353-1-700-5432

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