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Hi Paul,

You mention that one of your interests includes:

Semantic methods that enable trust on the Internet using content labels

Can  you expand on exactly this works?

I'm a bit unsure that I'm comfortable  with search engines making decisions
for me on whether to filter out  websites which it deems to be inaccessible.

As we all know accessibility can be quite subjective.

Naturally there are obvious things which make sites inaccessible, but there
are always ways and means of getting information from even a badly designed

I assume that search engines makes its decisions on whether a site is
accessible or not by checking for  a trust mark or certificate of some sort?

Of course, I suppose I  can just allow unfiltered searches.



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Hi Everyone,

Time to introduce myself :)

I'm a proud and happy dad of two (ages 1 and 2) and husband to one. I'm
almost a stranger to my homeland after leaving in 1998 to head for the sunny
shores of the UK where I now manage Segala's satellite office, whilst my
Irish based comrades bask in the John Rocha designer HQ in Sandyford. The
plan is to return to Dublin with my new immigrants in two years, where
they'll follow their father's footsteps as professional strawberry pickers
in Wexford (home to the Walsh Clan) during the summer months.

I'm keen to hook up with people from the listserv as I enjoy meeting new
folk to discuss work topics of interest, namely web accessibility, mobile
web and Semantic methods that enable trust on the Internet using content
labels. I don't really get the chance to have a drink these days, so I make
the most of my business trips to Dublin. Drop me a note if you fancy a beer
when I'm over.

I won't bore you with all of my past. The most relevant was my time at AOL.
I was one of the first employed by AOL in Europe in 1995. As well as
developing the AOL presence in the UK I assisted with the launch of AOL
Sweden and wrote a paper on how to launch a new client in a new country,
this was subsequently used during the launch of Australia Online.

I'm co-founder and CEO of Segala. We provide conformance appraisals and
audit certification services for web accessibility. We award customers with
the first machine-readable Trustmark for web accessibility. 

I'm Segala's W3C Advisory Committee representative and member of the Mobile
Web Initiative Steering Council where I help to create and rollout mobile
web best practices. I'm the co-editor of the MWI conformance specification
(mobileOK) with Google and ICRA, to create a machine readable Trustmark. I'm
also an Executive of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA), a
trading association for the Interactive industry in the UK. So, as you can
see, not much time for beer!

I'm a committee member of the WAI but regrettably have been inactive due to
other standard commitments, however Sorcha Moore is now in good standing for
WCAG 2.0 and David Rooks is in good standing for the Evaluations and
Reporting Tools (ERT) working group.

Segala is a sponsor member of the W3C's first Incubator Group activity which
is addressing the topic of "Content Labels". The W3C Incubator Activity is a
new initiative to foster development of emerging Web-related technologies
and the Content Label group is focusing on delivering a framework for the
development of a clear Web-based system that can be used by trustmark
providers, allowing browsers and search engines to filter content based on
whether sites are accessible to people with disabilities, contain material
suitable for children, contain trustworthy information on bullying, or
fulfil a number of other criteria such as being suitable for presentation on
mobile phones.

We are currently helping a number of associations around Europe to create
trustmark schemes based on their code of conduct by using our technology
like the Trustmark we provide for accessibility. This enables end users to
report false claims about compliance using an online certificate linked to
the Trustmark.  

Having been so busy helping to push the industry forward, we just haven't
had the time to articulate, document and build a site to represent what we
do because we never had to. 

Looking at our current website, you wouldn't get the impression that we are
operating at this level and providing these services to brands valued more
than 17 billion sterling, so I'm hoping that the second search result in
www.yahoo.com for 'segala m test' will disappear soon (BTW, there were some
inaccuracies in the email I'm referring to).

Cheers :)
M: +44 (0)7734 606 453      
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Gold Sponsor of Internet World 2006


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      Hi Brendan, welcome to the list. Good to see another 
      accessibility design company in Ireland. That's an 
      interesting company name you have there, ilikecake. I 
      quite like cake myself.
      > Oh almost forgot, secretaries!!!!!!!
      Was that something you forgot you like or forgot you 
      don't like? And what if the secretary is carrying a piece of cake?
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