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In answer to your first question, I personally don't think Irl-DeAN
should lobby companies like Macromedia. There are other bigger and
better channels for doing this and we should be careful not to overload
Irl-DeAN. I'd like to see Irl-DeAN stick very much within a local Irish
context. I think we're doing some good work. The three or four lobbying
efforts we have aready done concerning Irish policy and legislation. Our
seminars touching on topics of Irish interest. And our working group on
design for all within Irish curricula. These are all examples of where
we should focus the group efforts in order to do things that would
otherwise not happen here.

That's not to say we can't individually get involved in other wider
issues. And we do of course, but through organisations that are targeted
at those areas.

All the best,

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Hi all

As I am a new member to Irl-DeAN I am still coming to understand its
roll but I would like to pose this question 

Does Irl-DeAN ever lobby, or suggest (at a conference or by letter) any
changes to Macromedia products, in my case Dreamweaver and Contribute

If it was easier to create accessible websites and maintain their
accessibility level it would make my job easier. It would also make it
much easier for others to learn how to create accessible websites. 

At the moment Dreamweaver's default is to implement code which has been
deprecated by the W3C. This can be seen in the case of its instance to
use tables, block quotes etc in many cases you have to go into the
preferences to turn on the accessibility features. 

By using their content management software Contribute it is impossible
to maintain the accessibility level of a site when using this program. 

Ps if anyone can inform me of another content management system which
will properly code acronyms etc to conform with W3C standards it would
be very much appreciated. 



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