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This discussion of Iarnrod's inaccessible timetable suggests there is a 
need for an access enforcement body that would have a two-stage 
approach, one gentle and then one with sharp teeth. First it should draw 
the miscreant's attention to the issue and gently but firmly suggest the 
kind of remedy that would rectify the situation within a shortish 
prescribed timespan or period of grace, then follow up with a thoroughly 
relentless and punitive enforcement stage for those not prepared to take 
the hint and fix things.

Lack of time or resources is not a good enough excuse for postponement 
of accessibility. Looked at another way (from the perspective of the 
Comptroller and Auditor General perhaps) isn't it by definition an abuse 
of public funds for a state entity to build anything that categorically 
excludes a defined part of the citizenry who are actually paying for it?

I suppose the planning system would be an equivalent enforcement 
situation: a developer has calm, collaborative meetings with county 
planners to put him straight on what will or won't be tolerated in his 
application. If he gets permission and goes ahead and builds something 
that isn't compliant he may find himself receiving an enforcement order 
requiring complete cessation of work and removal of the offending structure.

Does anybody know if any other enforcement arm of the government 
compliance machinery follows this tough line model?

Also how far is the disability authority from playing such a role?

Should we be helping to define and lobbying for an extended set of 
enforcement powers?

There are very serious accessibility and general usability issues with 
many packaging approaches used in the grocery trade, so it isn't just a 
question of online content standards enforcement or of monitoring public 
service activity.


Fiachra O Marcaigh wrote:

>     > I was planning to ask the equality authority   too take a case
>     against Irish rail.
> Tim,
> First, I have to declare an interest - I have done work for Irish Rail 
> in the past.
> I know many of the people there are committed to accessibility, and 
> conscious of both the legal obligations and the demands of fairness to 
> makes sites accessible. It would be surprising and disappointing if 
> they didn't respond positively and quickly to your perfectly 
> reasonable requests.
> - Fiachra
> Fiachra Ó Marcaigh
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