[Irl-dean] Irish rail website

Mark Magennis mark.magennis at cfit.ie
Tue Mar 7 11:03:46 GMT 2006

Dear all,

Tim's recent highlighting of the seriousness of this issue has caused it
to shoot to the top of CFIT's to do list. After consulting with others
in NCBI I have written to Irish Rail outlining the current situation,
it's history and why we think it has arisen. I have offered them CFIT's
assistance in resolving the matter quickly and satisfactorily and have
requested a meeting to start the ball rolling.

At this point, NCBI does not intend to take any other actions (e.g.
legal action or publicity campaign) because we already have a very good
relationship with Irish Rail who we consider to be very supportive of
passengers with disabilities and committed to providing equality of
service. However, it is clearly the case that the website is lagging
behind their work in other areas, such as facilities, staff training,
signage, etc. Until the founding of CFIT, NCBI did not have the
necessary expertise or awareness of ICT accessibility issues to bring
this fully into our work with organisations like Irish Rail. The work
NCBI has always done with these organisations has tended to focus on
issues like facilities, staff training and signage, in which NCBI has
had expertise. Now that CFIT is here, we can expand NCBI's role much
further into the ICT area. Note that CFIT's role actually goes far
beyond just vision impairment issues, embracing accessibility and
inclusive design as a whole.

Thanks to Tim and others in VICS for raising this issue to point where
it became obvious we had to prioritise it.

All the best,

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