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Bryan Boyle bboyle at crc.ie
Mon Mar 13 09:47:25 GMT 2006

Hi Frank,

I've replied to Ed directly.

Bryan Boyle
Assistive Technology Advisor
Central Remedial Clinic
Dublin 3.

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Hi Folks,

Is there anyone out there who may be able to help Ed Brown.  His mail is 
copied below.  Please reply to:  Ed Brown E-mail Address:
edbrown101 at HOTMAIL.COM

Many thanks,


From: "Ed Brown" edbrown101 at HOTMAIL.COM

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Subject: voice recognition software


 Can anyone advise on reliable voice recognition software in the UK?

 I have an impaired left arm and carpel tunnel syndrome in the right so 
keyboards are becoming a problem.

 My employer (a trade union) is "looking at the options" but I thought why 
not ask the experts i.e. the users.

 Any positive suggestions most appreciated

 Many thanks


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