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Sorcha Moore sorcha at segala.com
Thu Mar 16 21:10:50 GMT 2006

Hi Everyone,

What about the new Firevox screen reader/voice browser?

Kindest Regards,
Sorcha Moore
Web Accessibility Auditor


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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for suggestions for inclusion on the CD again. 
I'm especially interested in tools that we could download and put on the
CD, as well as links to useful sites.

Here is what we have already: 

	1.	The web accessibility toolbar for IE:
	Also links to Tutorials
	2.	Recent version of firefox web browser
	3.	Include the extensions for installation from the CD.
(see below)
	4.	Link to the 'aDesigner' website, to download demo
software. <http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/adesigner>
	5.	The Magpie captioning software,
	6.	Link to <http://www.webaim.org> 
	7.	Link to W3C HTML and CSS validators
	8.	Link to Vischeck colour-blindness checker:
	9.	Link to YAWC http://www.yawconline.com

FireFox extensions: 
Web Developer:

Accessibility Extensions for Mozilla/Firefox:

Document Map (finally get a table of contents from all those
  header elements):

Longdesc (context menu to access long image "descriptions");

Link Toolbar (finally get some benefit from those LINK elements!):

Flashblock (see how your site looks when users rebel and switch
  off all those irritating flash things):

NoScript (easily control where client side scripting is allowed
  and where it isn't - what IT security manager doesn't
  want to deploy this?):

LiveHTTPheaders (technies only, but see content negotiation in action!):

DOM Inpector (technies only!):

All the best, 

Hugh O'Neill
Project Co-ordinator,
Central Remedial Clinic.

ph: +353 1 8057587
email:honeill at crc.ie

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