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Perhaps  contracts of this  kinds should be subject to independent external


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Hi everyone

I have a problem..

Recently I have come across cases where website developers are falsely
claiming accessibility for the websites of some organisations.

One of these, a major website developer is claiming accessibility for 2
government websites which are in fact not accessible. I have contacted the
information officer responsible for these websites to inquire about this.

She replied to me that she has already had one person report to here that
one of the sites was not accessible. She then passed this information on to
the developer but has received no feedback.

The IO does seem genuinely interested in the accessibility of the websites
and has said that as a government body it should be in place. However she
also stated that as nobody in their office is a developer they have had no
way of checking.

In my opinion this is a case where the developer is outright lying to their
clients and at the moment getting away with it.

I would like to know has anyone experienced similar problems before and does
anybody have suggestions for dealing with it?

With Regards

Brendan Spillane
MD ilikecake limited


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