[SPAM]Re: [Irl-dean] False Accessibility Developers

Paul Walsh, Segala paul at segala.com
Tue Mar 28 10:45:10 IST 2006

My comment can be found below.
      The big new question, of course, is who is going to 
      determine the appropriate baselines, and that is totally 
      up for grabs.  It certainly will *not* be the W3C.  For 
      preference, it should not be a simple "free for all" with 
      every site operator or developer arbitrarily setting 
      their own baseline.  In the Irish context, we would 
      possibly look to the NDA to set some guidance on this.  
      But in the short term, there might be a role for irl-dean 
      to suggest what we collectively would consider to be good 
      practice ... assuming we might be able to reach some 
      consensus on that.

[PW] You can't support all of the people all of the time.

I will reply to the other thread when I can squeeze in some time between
cutting the grass and pulling my little girl out of the bushes looking for
worms to cook.

Baseline technologies is an extremely complicated area that will undoubtedly
create a massive debate. I like the idea of conducting this within irl-dean
on the premise that it has the time and technical expertise regarding user
agent capabilities, user profiles, accessibility implementations and
internationalisation. I hate to make assumptions but I doubt the NDA has all
the relevant expertise in house.

The W3C Mobile Web Initiative (MWI) recognised this as a potential issue so
it defined a baseline device. This means site owners aren't forced into
trying to provide a site that supports devices which could ultimately
downgrade the entire user experience. This was the subject of much debate
and spilt blood between the stake holders such as browsers, content
adaptation providers, vendors, operators, developers and compliance

Site owners in Ireland aren't only providing access to people in Ireland, so
we need to consider internationalisation. That is, we shouldn't create a
baseline by measuring only the use of technology in Ireland. Sound like a
big task? Well, it is!

Furthermore, the baseline changes as new technology is used by more people.


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