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      Do we have anything like this in Ireland?
      What are your thoughts on this?
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            Subject: Design for All in ICT Summer school.doc
            I am hoping that you or your colleagues would be 
            interested in an update on 'design for all' and 
            eAccessibility issues. This is the first time we have 
            offered a summer school course - which we hope will be 
            useful and of interest to colleagues looking for 
            professional development as well as current and 
      recent students.
            The attachment gives full details of the syllabus. Gill 
            Whitney who is leading the course is Chair of the 
            European Design-for-all and Assistive Technology 
            Standardisation Co-ordination Group (DATSCG) and Centre 
            Head of Collaborative International Research Centre for 
            Universal Access (CIRCUA) at Middlesex University.
            Please display or pass on to anyone who might be 
            interested - you can't afford to miss it:
            Design for All in ICT
            Middlesex University Summer School 2006
            Do you or your colleagues want to know how to design 
            software, hardware and web systems that are accessible 
            for all? The increasing age of the population and the 
            increasing use of design for all legislation and 
            standardisation mean that you need to.
            •	This Summer School course is intended for all ICT 
            designers, developers and managers. It will provide 
            knowledge of the need for electronic systems to be 
            designed in an accessible way, an understanding of the 
            needs of older and disabled people with respect to 
            electronic equipment and knowledge of the legislation and 
            standardisation around the world that requires software, 
            hardware and electronic systems to be designed in an 
            accessible way.
            •	This course will be taught by members of the 
            Collaborative International Research Centre for Universal 
            Access CIRCUA is the UK National Contact Centre for The 
            European Design for ALL e-Accessibility Network 
            Dates: Summer School Course, 17 to 21 July 2006
            Times: 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday
            Lecturer: Gill Whitney and colleagues
            Location:  Trent Park Campus, Bramley Road, London, N14 4YZ
            Accommodation: Campus accommodation can be provided from 
            £20 per night. 
            Fees: £210 for applications received before the 23 May 
            2006 (£230 after this date) More information: Middlesex 
            University Summer School and details of how to register 
            can be found at: www.mdx.ac.uk/summer For more 
            information about this course please contact: 
      g.whitney at mdx.ac.uk
            Suzette Keith MSc FErgS
            Research Fellow
            Middlesex University
            School of Computing Science
            The Burroughs
            NW4 4BT
            Tel 020 8411 5098
            MDX +44 208411 5000
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