[Irl-dean] Guide to Good Practice in Commissioning Accessible Websites link

Mark Magennis mark.magennis at cfit.ie
Wed Apr 12 11:35:40 IST 2006

> The biggest complaint in the UK is the lack of direction
> from the DRC with regards to the level of accessibility
> websites should strive for.

> Furthermore, early drafts of the document dedicated two
> paragraphs to stress the point that the UK government did
> not recognise any official accreditation programme.

What's the answer to this then Paul? What kind of direction do you think
should be given? My feeling is that knowing what "level" to strive for
is not really the problem. The problem is understanding accessibility
and the needs of users. If this understanding is achieved, the right
level becomes more obvious. The recent points about different levels
being appropriate for different situations bears this out. If there is
not enough understanding then achieving an accessibility "level" often
becomes a tick-the-box exercise which ultimately fails users.


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