[Irl-dean] Guide to Good Practice in Commissioning Accessible Websites link

Matthew Ovington matthew.ovington at openinterface.ie
Thu Apr 13 10:16:03 IST 2006

> we could recommend that everyone should strive for specific checkpoints in
> each category of WAI and then add a few usability best practice design
> techniques that are testable. 

sounds like you're talking about another standard...there are so many to 
choose from! ;-)

I take your point about testable criteria (in so far as they make 
verifiable claims of compliance possible/easier). However we should be 
careful not to take testable to mean 'machine' testable. I think 
complete automation of the testing process may not be possible for WCAG 
2.0 without fudging the guideline. It's certainly not possible for WCAG 1.0.

but this is going off topic i know

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