[Irl-dean] conformance question

Mark Magennis mark.magennis at cfit.ie
Tue Apr 18 13:31:33 IST 2006

On a related issue, whoever is considering providing a text only version
of their website should be advised that it is an *extremely* bad idea.
See http://www.cfit.ie/accessibility/common.html#text for an explanation
of why this is.


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> Quick question,
> Does having a link to a text only verison of the site mean that the
> site is compliant with Checkpoint 11.3 (Provide information so that
> users may receive documents according to their preferences (e.g.,
> language, content type, etc.))
> I only ask as the W3C website does not mention this specifically in
> their 'techniques' but it seems that it should be, and I'm a bit
> confused... :/
> Vivienne
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