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Within the framework of the European Union's IST programme the eInclusion at EU project organises an international workshop entitled

+++ "The potential contribution of FP7 research to a well functioning European Policy and Research Area on eInclusion" +++

on 31 May 2006 in Brussels.

You are kindly invited to attend. 

As a so-called coordination action, the eInclusion at EU project's overall goal is to contribute to the development of evidence-based eInclusion and eAccessibility policies at EU and Member State level. With regard to the EU's ambitious policy goals in the field of eInclusion, it will be important to ensure that future research on ICT helps to exploit the positive potentials and reduce the likelihood of negative impacts of technological developments. In the context of the preparation of the 7th Framework Programme, the workshop aims at identifying research priorities in the field of eInclusion and at facilitating a better understanding of the social and equality-related dimensions and impacts of ICTs. 

To this end, the workshop will address the following core themes:

· What are the future trends in technology development and their implications for eInclusion?
· How can ICT-related research and technology development contribute to the achievement of eInclusion-related policy goals?
· What should be the research priorities for the upcoming 7th Framework Programme in the field of eInclusion?

Workshop outcomes will be synthesised by the eInclusion at EU project in order to be fed back into the preparation of the 7th Framework Programme.

The workshop programme is available online at: http://www.einclusion-eu.org/UserEventRegistration.asp?UserEventID=4&CaseTitleID=1546&CaseID=3157&MenuID= (in English). 

More information and registration possibilities are available here: http://www.einclusion-eu.org/UserEventRegistration.asp?Action=register&UserEventID=4.

The eInclusion at EU project website is: http://www.einclusion-eu.org.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Best regards,

Lutz Kubitschke, eInclusion at EU project

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