[Irl-dean] seminar - September

brendan spillane brendan at ilikecake.net
Fri Jun 2 14:47:49 IST 2006

Hi all

As I am a relatively new member to this list and have not attended one
of the seminars, so apologies in advance for any presumption or
overstepping etc

I don't know is this is solely for the members of the list or if its
open to the wider public, but if it is how about inviting other people
who may benefit form a seminar on accessibility, such as one person
from each of the governments  IT departments? County councils or
organisations such at C I É group etc

I know from the talk on accessibility and usability at the IIA
congress a few weeks ago there were a few people from organisation
such as TG4 there.

Not to focus on website design, other representatives from various
government/organisations who could learn from accessibility in a
particular area could be invited as well?

It's a pity there is not such a thing as accessibility officers in
each government department as they would be perfect to invite.

Just a taught and I am open to correction as I am a relatively new
member to the list

With Regards

Brendan Spillane

PS enjoy the weekend

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