[Irl-dean] (In-)Accessibility of World Cup Sites...

Tim Culhane tim.culhane at criticalpath.net
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Had a loke at one of the sites mentioned in the report (the official fifa
world cup site  in english).

Its not pretty, but I thought it was usable enough.

I only tried one task (to find out the location, dates and times of the
england games for the group stage), and I was able to do this easily enough.

I'll admit I'm not a complete novice at the web,  but all links were clearly
labelled, and forms  looked ok to me.

Not sure how accessible the games would be, but to be honest, The type of
games in question don't really lend themselves to  play by a blind person.


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Hi Folks -

For the week that's in it, you may be interested in circulating this
report/news item by AbilityNet:



   Technology and disability charity, AbilityNet, has discovered
   that crucial World Cup websites are inaccessible to many
   thousands of disabled fans - a lapse which is not only
   disappointing to many, but leaves both organisations in danger
   of falling foul of the law.

Best - Barry.

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