[Irl-dean] Blind inventor makes web accessible

Joshue O Connor joshue.oconnor at ncbi.ie
Tue Jun 6 17:09:54 IST 2006

This is an interesting article. As Barry mentions in the quote below, Chris Mairs has invented a device that 
people can use to access MP3 files, podcasts and other audio goodies from the web, but invites users not to think of the device as a "computer" and induce all of the inherent horrors the term can conjure up for many, but as a tape recorder.

I especially like his comment on how the visual model of computer/GUI interface design is essentially completely "wrong"
for a blind user, as they view/interact with these interfaces more as a "one-dimensional audio stream".


Barry McMullin wrote:
> Interesting story on BBC news:
> <http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/5038590.stm>
> Quote:
>   It is hoped that the SpeakOn will appeal to people who want
>   access to information but who are reluctant to acquire a
>   computer. "You don't need to know that it's a computer. People
>   would maybe consider it to be more like a radio or a tape
>   player," said Mr Mairs.
> Best - Barry.
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