[Irl-dean] TerminalFour and accessibility

Mark Magennis Mark.magennis at ncbi.ie
Wed Jun 7 19:35:39 IST 2006

 From ElectricNews:

Eight Irish local authorities have hired enterprise content  
management firm TerminalFour to upgrade their websites, it emerged on  
TerminalFour managing director Piero Tintori told ENN ... "The need  
to update their systems for improved accessibility for deaf or blind  
citizens prompted local authorities to now roll-out their second, or  
in some cases third-generation, versions of their e-gov services".


"The TerminalFour Site Manager product has helped us to develop and  
deliver a scalable, easy-to-use and accessible website which can be  
maintained by any of our staff members, regardless of their  
technology expertise," said Galway City Council's head of ICT, Robert  
Curley, in a statement.

Full story: http://www.enn.ie/frontpage/news-9698543.html

Obviously CMSs are an important determinant of website accessibility.  
Anybody here know anything more about the accessibility of  
TerminalFour or other available CMSs? You can email me privately if  
you don't want to say anything about this in public.


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