[Irl-dean] Website redesign - invitation to tender

Paul Walsh, Segala paul at segala.com
Sat Jun 10 18:03:09 IST 2006

Thought this list might find this of interest.


BIMA is undertaking a redevelopment of its website.


Our website is seen as being at the heart of our future strategy for
delivering services to all of our audience groups.  We have completed the
initial strategy and planning phases and are now looking for suppliers to
work with us on the design and development of the new site. 


Please note that like many large organisations, there are accessibility
requirements to ensure the site is as accessible to as many people as
possible across as many devices and technologies as possible. 


The current site can be found at  <blocked::http://www.bima.co.uk/>


The Tender document can be found at
(nice URL!)


Kind regards,


BIMA Chair

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