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Mark Magennis Mark.magennis at ncbi.ie
Tue Jun 20 14:38:44 IST 2006

Dear all,

I was just putting together a list of the major conferences in the  
area of IT accessibility and I thought some people on the list might  
find it useful, so here it is. It is in no way complete because I  
stopped when I had spent enough time on it, so there will be plenty  
left out and additions are welcome. Also, it only includes regular  
events. There are zillions of great one-off events happening all the  
time, especially those hosted by the EU eInclusion unit which Frank  
Mulcahy so helpfully forwards to the list. These are just the major  
annuals and biannuals (which means every two years, I looked it up).  
So, for your information, here it is in no particular order.

Where: Usually U.S.
Duration: 3 days
Subject matter and description:
ACM SIGACCESS annual conference.
Use of IT to help persons with disabilities.
Academic papers, posters, demos, panels, doctoral consortium.
Forum for innovative research results.

AAATE (Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in  
Where: Europe
Duration: 4 days
Subject matter and description:
Biannual ERCIM conference.
New developments and research on assistive technology.

Where: London
Duration: 1 day
Subject matter and description:
e-Access Bulletin annual conference.
Access to all technologies, including internet, PCs, mobile phones  
and digital TV and radio, by people with disabilities and people of  
all abilities

Where: London
Duration: 2 days
Subject matter and description:
Presentations and panel discussions by invited luminaries, such as  
Joe Clark, Eric Meyer, Jeffrey Veen, Jeffrey Zeldman, etc.
Latest aspects of web design, strongly leaning towards accessibility  
and web standards.
Great logo featuring loads of boiled sweeties (http://www.vivabit.com/ 

UI4All Workshop
Where: Europe
Duration: 2 days
Subject matter and description:
Academic papers, posters.
Concepts and tools that contribute towards user interfaces for all  
and practice and experience in the application of Universal Access  
Proceedings published by Springer.

UAHCI (Universal Access in HCI)
Where: Worldwide
Duration: 3 days
Subject matter and description:
Papers, posters, SIGs, tutorials.
Held jointly with HCI International conference and now seems to be  
subsumed within it as a thematic area.

CWUAAT (Cambridge Workshop on
  universal access and assistive technology)
Where: Cambridge, UK
Duration: 3 days
Subject matter and description:
Papers, posters, demos and discussions.
Design for All and assistive technology. General focus on product/ 
solution development.

ICCHP (International Conference on Computers Helping People with  
Special Needs)
Where: Europe, seems to be usually in Linz, Austria
Duration: 3 days
Subject matter and description:
Papers, workshops, meetings, exhibition.
All aspects of eInclusion.

Dr. Mark Magennis
Director of the Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT)
National Council for the Blind of Ireland
Whitworth Road, Dublin 9, Republic of Ireland

mark.magennis at ncbi.ie   tel: +353 (0)71 914 7464

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