[Irl-dean] Introduction & Request for Research Input

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I have just completed the survey.

I'm sure that  the site hosting the survey generates the forms
automatically, and you may have no control over the construction of the

However, it is perhaps a little unfortunate that the  labelling of radio
buttons, check boxes etc is not very accessible.

For example,  reading a radio button with Jaws results in the following
being spoken:

And a check  box  sounds like:


The only way of determining if the button or check box is checked is to
listen  out  for the letters 'on' or 'off'  in the above text.



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Dear all,

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Tristan Corry-White.  I am
a second year student in the MSc in Management of Information Systems
programme, in Trinity College.

As part of my Masters, I am completing a dissertation on the topic of "The
Business Case for Web Accessibility", supervised by Alexis Donnelly.  I hope
you will forgive my impertinence, but I would like to ask of each of you for
some (approximately 15 minutes) of your time to complete an online
questionnaire to help me gather research data for my dissertation.  I hope
that each of you could complete the questionnaire and also forward it to as
many people as possible.

The questionnaire is available at

As a Technical Lead in BT Web Solutions, Dublin (formerly Labyrinth), I have
a strong professional interest in Web accessibility, as well as a
long-standing social and academic interest since my time as an undergrad
completing a final year project under the direction of Alexis.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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