[Irl-dean] Accessible Google Search?

Paul Walsh paul at segala.com
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"Google was set to unveil a Web search site on Thursday designed to help
blind people find results that will work best with their text-to-speech

The most effective (and soon to be standardised) method will be through
Content Labelling http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/wcl/XGR-report/ 

Google is one of the co-editors of the mobileOK conformance document and the
output of that will be the use of Content Labelling for demonstrating
compliance with mobile web best practices. Hence, they are likely (I can't
guarantee this) to rank sites that are deemed mobileOK using Content Labels.

I'm in talks with Google regarding the ability for them to read Content
Labels based on accessibility, so I'll keep you posted. If you want to
register your interest to see a browser extension that highlights accessible
Web sites that have been labelled, please do so at

If you dig out the old emails I sent a while back, they'll explain how all
of this works - otherwise get in touch off-list so I don't bore everyone
with the same information :)


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> Ah, but have you seen how they identify what an accessible site is?  
> That's
> not done properly, hence my email to Google.

They are not letting on about how they identify accessible sites are  
they? T.V. Raman, the project leader, said on the WAIG list:

> As was pointed out by many on this thread -- the FAQ on the
> Google site is "vague" with respect to what you can do to make
> your site rank as accessible --- this was intentional and *not*
> an omission.
> The reason for the intentional vagueness  was that we did not
> wish to create yet another set of Guidelines, nor did we wish to
> provide specific rules that would lead to nothing more than the
> system being gamed over time.
> So to keep it simple --- do the right thing by accessibility when
> creating your content, follow one or more of your favorite
> guidelines --- my own favorite is Jakob Neillson --- and the rest
> will take care of itself.



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