[Irl-dean] Emails and Screen Readers?

brendan spillane brendan at ilikecake.net
Wed Jul 26 18:38:32 IST 2006

Hi all,

I have just had a think about emails which are read by people who use
screen readers and I am wondering if anyone else has had it or solved
the resulting problems?

Many of us have rather large and boring legal disclaimers at the end
of our emails (see below)

My questions are…

1. Do screen readers read disclaimers every time they encounter them
or do the major email providers have some sort of script which stops
the reader at the end of the relevant content? If they do can the user
then choose to read the disclaimer or signature if they want to?

2. If the screen readers do read this information every time? How
annoying do the users of screen readers find them? Should something be
done about it?

3. Does anyone know if any information on this topic

4. Has anyone taught, solved it before?

5. If they have, can they send me some information on it please?

This has made me think further into this and I am now wondering are
there guidelines for writing emails which are going to be regularly
read by users with screen readers?

How do they feel about the following common punctuation usages…

>> to show quotes?

- between words?

/ between words?

… at the end of a sentence ?

even bad spelling?

Dont even ask how I thought of this but any information on this is
very much appreciated.

With regards

Brendan Spillane

P.S. for any users of screen readers I apologise if you have had to
read the info below every time I have posted on this list.

+353 1 658 4081

The information in this email (including attachments) is intended
solely for the named addressee(s) and may contain confidential and/or
privileged material. If you have recieved this in error please notify
the sender and delete the material from your computer. Any
retransmission of the contents of this mail is forbidden without the
written consent of the sender. ilikecake limited does not accept
liability for any loss or damage which may result from this email or
any attachment, or for errors or omissions arising after it was sent.

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