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corrywt at cs.tcd.ie corrywt at cs.tcd.ie
Wed Jul 26 22:11:46 IST 2006


Thank you for your feedback.  I address some of your queries below:

> I look forward to reading your masters. I am sure most here would be
> happy if you posted the address where it is available once you have
> completed it.

I certainly hope to make it public, but that will depend on my other

> As a point though, I can't help but feel that the results for this
> list will be somewhat skewed. We all have a very strong interest in
> accessibility and unless I have been missing the posts I don't think
> anybody's here is against its promotion. We may disagree as to how it
> is to be promoted however.

I appreciate your sentiment, but I have taken this into account.  The
questionnaire has also been circulated to a larger, random sample of the

> Also although I answered in the survey that I was most likely to do
> business with a website which promote accessibility I have
> subsequently taught otherwise. Considering that some of us on this
> list are involved in the design and development of websites for
> companies which don't currently have an accessible website, could it
> be said that we actually do more business with companies which don't
> in fact have an accessible website, at least until e have finished.

> There are also many here that are involved in auditing websites for
> accessibility. In many cases these are not accessible, are we there
> fore doing business with a company that does not have an accessible
> website?

As with the rest of this survey, this question is phrased with the
consumer in mind - that is to say, the questionnaire is intended to gather
the opinions of the users and consumers of online resources, including,
but not limited to online shopping, rather than those with specific
responsibility for designing, implementing or auditing websites in their
professional capacity.

> I would like to take the survey again as I had a few more points to
> discuss but unfortunately I am unable to access it as it keeps saying
> that I have taken it already.

The questionnaire is designed to work on a forward-only basis to avoid
tampering or skewing of results.  Once it has been completed you will not
be able to access it again.  However, I would like to point out that if
anyone needs to exit the questionnaire midway through it will return you
to the point you left off if you access it via the original URL again.

Best regards,


> Dear all,
> Firstly, I would once again like to apologise for the issues with my
> original questionnaire on SurveyMonkey.com.  I have raised the matter with
> them.
> I would now like to again invite you to participate in my research by
> completing my new questionnaire, which I have developed from scratch to be
> AA compliant.
> The questionnaire is available at
> http://stage2.labyrinth.ie/accessibility_survey
> If anyone experiences any difficulties with the new survey, I would
> welcome your feedback.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Tristan

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