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Hi everyone, 

Our website is currently in difficulties due to an ISP change, hence the lack of an online reference. 
I'll send a link as soon as I can. 

All the best, 

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I've heard nothing so you can assume we haven't been invited to provide
input - but then, we haven't build a profile in Ireland yet.

Thanks for sending the info.

By the way, if anyone wants to direct people to the seminar arranged by
Hugh, please feel free to direct them to
http://www.segala.com/news/e_irldean.htm until Hugh has an alternative. Hugh
didn't ask me to send you these details, this is something that Sorcha did
off her own back to raise some awareness in general.


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Dear all,

I've just received issue 1 of Knowledge Society News, an email  
newsletter produced by the Information Society Policy Unit in the  
Department of the Taoiseach. One of the articles, reproduced below,  
is about the new Government Action Plan for 2006-2008. The draft plan  
is due to be published later this year. This is the first I've heard  
of it. Presumably it is a follow up to the 2002 policy document 'New  
Connections'. Anyway, the article says that "Ireland's new Government  
action plan will focus chiefly on eInclusion". Whahey! Sounds like  
good news. It goes on to say that "Wide consultation with  
stakeholders on the plan has begun, co-ordinated by the ISPU". Anyone  
here know anything about this? Anyone been consulted yet or been  
invited to a consultation?


> New Government Action Plan for 2006-2008
> The ISPU has begun co-ordinating consultation on Ireland's new  
> Government Action Plan, a key strategy document which will focus on  
> the effective exploitation of technology across all sectors of  
> society.
> The draft plan, which is the third from the Government, is due to  
> be published later this year, and will take stock of the  
> significant progress that has been made in getting people and  
> government online since the initial plan was published in 1999.  
> Since then, a number of factors have profoundly influenced the  
> societal landscape, including the pace of change in technology  
> internationally and increased globalisation. Additionally, both  
> national and European socio-economic policy contexts are now  
> focussed on growth and employment, innovation and inclusiveness.  
> This focus has been reflected in a range of policy documents,  
> including the Lisbon Agenda, "Towards 2016"; NAPincl; and i2010, "a  
> European Information Society for growth and employment". Ireland's  
> new draft plan will reflect this policy context.
> As most readers will be aware, the Riga Declaration states that  
> "information and communication technologies (ICT) are a powerful  
> driver of growth and employment. A quarter of EU GDP growth and  
> around 50 percent of productivity growth are due to ICT. ICT  
> services, skills, media and content, and their use in other  
> industry sectors, are a growing part of the economy and society.  
> ICT is thus strongly instrumental to achieving the Lisbon strategy  
> goals."
> The Riga Declaration also notes groups who are at risk of exclusion  
> "because of their social circumstances or their capacities and  
> special needs". These groups include the unemployed, immigrants,  
> people with low education levels, people with disabilities, the  
> elderly, and marginalised young people.
> In this context, Ireland's new Government action plan will focus  
> chiefly on eInclusion. The eInclusion policy will aim at reducing  
> gaps in ICT usage while promoting the use of ICT to overcome  
> exclusion by improving economic performance; opening up or  
> enhancing employment opportunities; improving the quality of life;  
> and enabling greater social participation and cohesion.
> Wide consultation with stakeholders on the plan has begun, co- 
> ordinated by the ISPU. Look out for further details on the new  
> action plan in future issues of Knowledge Society News.


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