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So, you might as well give us the link? :-)






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Hi Folks -


The recently published Social Partnership Agreement 2006-2015, 'Towards
2016' states in section 31.4.3

3. Exploitation of Information and Communications Technology

* A strategic framework on eInclusion is currently being developed by the
eInclusion Stakeholders Group. Its priority areas for action are access and
connectivity, skills, awareness and content. In this context, a national
eInclusion strategy will be developed so that everyone has the opportunity,
through encouragement, awareness, support, enablement and participation, to
exploit ICTs to improve their quality of life, and the cohesiveness and
well-being of their communities. It will be developed in line with the
NAPinclusion and the i2010 Initiative - 'a European Information Society for
growth and employment'. The role of intermediaries, including community &
voluntary organisations, in reaching the late adopters of technology will be
critical to the implementation of this Strategy.


By the way, in relation to the Knowledge Society Newsletter, has anyone come
across a newsletter that is harder to subscribe to?  If I didn't know it
existed, I'd never have managed to find it on the website.  There is no
information or reference to it without digging DEEP.

Best wishes,


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