[Irl-dean] Government Action Plan for 2006-2008

Paul Walsh, Segala paul at segala.com
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Thanks for the link Anthony. I'm very concerned if nobody on this list even
knows of anyone on the Stakeholders Group, let alone be on it themselves.





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Folks -


This is the link on the site to subscribe to Knowledge Society news (it
still took me a while to find it again)...


However, I don't think it works, so, instead, go to
http://www.ispu.ie/index000130753.cfm and you'll find a Subscribe panel on
the left which got me in.


As for the eInclusion Stakeholders Group, I've been trying to find out, too,
but with no success so far.  If anyone know anything about this group, I'd
love to hear.

Best wishes,


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 <http://www.disability-federation.ie> www.disability-federation.ie


If your organisation would like to become a member of DFI or you know of
another organisation that would benefit by being a member please contact me
to hear more about DFI and how we can help and support you.


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