[Irl-dean] EU Conference on "Information Society Technologies"

Barry McMullin mcmullin at eeng.dcu.ie
Thu Aug 10 09:24:39 IST 2006

Hi Folks -

As some of you will know, the EU expends a large amount of money
supporting scientific and technological "research" across a wide
variety of domains, under the so-called "framework" programmes.
A new framework programme (FP7), is about to be launched.  This
is a long term activity - the programme will extend over the next
seven years or so.  Within FP7 there is a theme called
"Information Society Technologies" (IST) which is where issues to
do with research and development on eInclusion might possibly be
supported.  In preparation for the launch, there is a specific EU
IST conference happening in Helsinki, 21-23 November next
(Finland currently holding the EU presidency, I guess). Full
details are here:


I'm just circulating this for general interest (I may or may not
actually try to go to it myself).  But I did want to flag that,
looking at the current programme and workshops, there is very
little mention of anything to do with eInclusion.  So, even if
you have no interest in going, you might do as I have done, which
is to scan the workshop proposals, which are open for public comment
(you do have to register on the site though), and, where relevant
or appropriate, add some comment pointing out the relevance of

Best regards,

- Barry.

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