[Irl-dean] U N e-accessibility Day, dec. 3rd

Eoin Campbell ecampbell at xmlw.ie
Tue Aug 15 12:00:06 IST 2006

What about an informal practical workshop focusing on Irish public
sector websites,
and how they might be improved. Invite webmasters to come along and
subject their own sites to
constructive criticism and suggestions.

Mark Magennis wrote:
> Yes, the U.N. is such a fine, equitable and effective organisation
> that it would be good to take advantage of one of their international
> "days". :-)
I've just been reading Jeffrey Sachs book "The End of Poverty", which is
a great read,
and he mentions a list of many areas in which UN agencies have been
extremely effective
over the last 30 years, for example, eradicating smallpox, almost
eradicating polio, etc.
The UN itself is really only as good as its members allow it to be, so
blame national politicions,
not the UN.

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