[Irl-dean] U N e-accessibility Day, dec. 3rd

Paul Walsh, Segala paul at segala.com
Fri Aug 18 15:12:10 IST 2006

I'm setting up a standards and best practices working group (amongst others)
within BIMA (www.bima.co.uk), please ignore the current site as it's going
under the knife to make it more interactive and accessible. This working
group will be responsible for promoting best practices such as accessibility
to agencies and 'clients'. I've noticed usability companies become members
just to be part of the working group.

What's the best forum in Ireland to do this? I can't locate an Irish
equivalent to BIMA. Segala is soon to launch an affiliate programme of
companies who will award Web sites with accessibility compliance
certificates - to help raise the company profile we are going to host
networking events and round tables in Ireland as we've done in the UK up to
now. If Irl-dean is going to be more engaging with face to face events
throughout the year we'd be happy to be part of that. 

It's a good idea to get real users in front of people some of the time. But
unfortunately I also think it's the $ that turns people on most, followed by
corporate responsibility and moral obligations.

Kind regards,

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On 15 Aug 2006, at 12:00, Eoin Campbell wrote:

> What about an informal practical workshop focusing on Irish public
> sector websites,
> and how they might be improved. Invite webmasters to come along and
> subject their own sites to
> constructive criticism and suggestions.

This is a great idea. How about giving it a "meet the users" slant.  
We can bring in a few web users with disabilities to demonstrate how  
they use the web with their assistive technologies and go through the  
webmasters' own sites with them. We've done this in CFIT and it's a  
great way of demystifying accessibility and getting people in touch  
with what it is all about on a practical level.

On 17 Aug 2006, at 15:35, brendan spillane wrote:

> I definitely thing this is a great idea, maybe split it up into
> different levels of workshop.

We could run a number of events at different locations aimed at  
different audiences. CFIT would be interested in running a "meet the  
users" day in our user testing facility. Donal could launch the new  
guidelines at the NDA. We could also run some kind of workshop in  
conjunction with the Irish Internet Association. I've spoken to  
Fergal O'Byrne in the IIA recently and he is very interested in  
running accessibility events. In particular, I would like to do an  
event about accessible IT procurement, although Donal will be  
launching the Procurement Toolkit as part of the new guidelines  
content. Maybe we could hold a procurement seminar at the NDA after  
the guidelines launch?



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