[Irl-dean] Document Processing Event

Joshue O Connor joshue.oconnor at ncbi.ie
Thu Aug 24 14:49:52 IST 2006

Hello All,

I am wondering if any of you are attending the event "Info Ireland".

The event purports to be about Document Processing, the blurb says:

Emails, reports, case notes, invoices, web pages, faxes, contracts,
forms, customer records… they all spin around your organisation. Some
may be under control, others you may struggle to keep up with. The
chances are that your document systems are not too well connected. You
probably have separate filing systems for paper and electronic
documents, your e-mails are uncontrolled and growing alarmingly, and you
have multiple "master copies" all over the place.

When you need to find important records from the past, they could be in
any one of 10 different repositories. Your document-centred processes
are probably bogged down with paper and can't be streamlined or outsourced.

In short, your document processes are in a tangle. As a result customer
service goes down, costs increase, teams can't co-operate and compliance
is at risk.

Sound familiar? This scenario is replicated up and down the country in
all kinds of organisation. Information enables our companies to operate
on a day-to-day basis. We spend thousands of pounds generating it, but
invest little in managing it.

Unravel your document processes

Info Ireland 2006 is an opportunity to transform your business by
unravelling your document processes. This unique interactive event, now
in its 8th year, brings the latest thinking and technology to your
doorstep. Reserve a FREE place now to learn how solutions for
information and document management can help you:

    *   Improve process efficiency and cut costs
    *   Provide faster and more reliable customer service
    *   Ensure regulatory compliance and reduce risk
    *   Enable collaboration for employees and partners

Learn, compare, discuss

Spend a day focussed on your information and document management issues.
Learn what can be done and what returns can be achieved. Compare
concepts, solutions and suppliers. Discuss your plans and ideas with
industry experts and existing users.



I can't make it as NCBI have a staff conference on these dates but CFIT
are involved in a CEN workshop which examines the various
processes of content management/document processing, with a focus on
accessibility.  Accessibility should be a vital part of the document
processing chain, ideally it is already integrated from the ground up
but this rarely the case. So it would be good if there was someone there
to fly the flag for accessibility, or at least let them know that it
should be included in the picture.

It seems to be a free event also.


Joshue O Connor

Senior  Accessibility Consultant

Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT)
National Council for the Blind of Ireland

Website: http://www.cfit.ie
E-Mail: joshue.oconnor at cfit.ie
Tel: 01 8821980


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