[Irl-dean] Fwd: Legal Precedent Set for Web Accessibility

Mark Magennis Mark.magennis at ncbi.ie
Mon Sep 11 10:02:37 IST 2006

> Federal Judge Sustains Discrimination Claims Against Target; Precedent
> Establishes That Retailers Must Make Their Websites Accessible to the
> Blind Under the ADA:
> http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/060907/cgth051.html?.v=55

This may be a bit misleading. According to Joe Clark (http:// 
blog.fawny.org/2006/09/09/tarzhay1/), the judge did not make any  
ruling that establishes any such precedent. Target attempted to have  
the case dismissed on grounds that the Americans with Disabilities  
Act (ADA) only applies to physical buildings. The judge ruled against  
this, so the case will continue. That's as far as it goes. Nobody has  
won anything yet. The judge did not even rule that websites ARE  
covered by the ADA, he merely said that the ADA is not necessarily  
restricted only to buildings.

Disability Rights Advocates, who are representing the plaintiffs,  
seem to have a completely different view of things (http:// 



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