[Irl-dean] Creating accessible javascript

Claude Saulnier claude.saulnier at wandsoft.com
Wed Sep 27 09:27:07 IST 2006

Hi Tim

For menus, check http://alistapart.com/articles/dropdowns/. Very easy to set
up and configure. It uses event handlers and works when js is disabled. From
a Jaws point of view, it looks like a list

For forms, if the form is built with javascript, I would not have much hope.
It would seem to me a complicated way to build them. Check
http://simplyaccessible.org/ . For form validation, do not rely only on
javascript. It can be disabled and might cause security problems when it is

To solve the problem, we built a form manager, built from a database which
allows us to build compliant forms in no time.



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