[Irl-dean] Creating accessible javascript

Joshue O Connor joshue.oconnor at ncbi.ie
Wed Sep 27 10:45:16 IST 2006

Hi Tim,

This is an area that CFIT are currently looking into. With the advent of
Web 2.0 (though
in reality that expression is just a buzzword) there is a major shift
going on on-line towards
web applications that allow client side processing of user data to
reduce server load,
increase speed and allow the development of customisable interfaces. It
has the potential
to be great - but if not implemented well, to be highly inaccessible.
Javascript has gotten
a bad reputation over the years but that cannot take away from the fact
that it is a powerful
and useful scripting language. I am not sure about your requirements but
the resources mentioned by
Lawrence and Claude will be useful, WebAIM also have a section on AJAX
that you may find useful.

For more on accessible dropdowns check out Brothercake's UDM

I personally would be careful about relying too much on Javascript for
any core functionality
in web applications, until user agents..... unless you must.

Anyway, WebAIM also have an article on AJAX.


There are links on that page to other resources, I have included them here.

# AJAX and Accessibility
# AJAX and Accessibility
# Usable XMLHttpRequest in Practice
# XMLHttpRequest Usability Guidelines
# Web 2.0 and accessibility
# Ajaxessibility
# AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting

Here some interesting articles on progressive enhancement:


I also highly recommend Jeremy Keith's book on DOM Scripting.


I hope that you find these useful Tim. Gez may also be able to make some
suggestions as he knows
a thing or two about Javascript :)

All the best


Tim Culhane wrote:
> Hi guys,
> My company is currently developing  web based applications which rely
> heavily on javascript.
> Unfortunately  at present  the javascript does not seem very accessible   to
> me.
> For example,     menus  and forms created in javascript  are not visible to
> Jaws when I view the web pages.
> Can anybody suggest resources which describe how accessible javascript can
> be developed in such a way that it  is equally usable   by  disabled and
> non-disabled people?
> I found a good resource at the below url, but was wondering if people on the
> list had other  suggestions?
> http://www.webaim.org/techniques/javascript/ 
> Thanks,
> Tim
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