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On sep. 5th I wrote to PWDI to suggest that they address the area of eAccess and Education for dec. 3rd. at that time I understood that IRLDEaN were planning to do something around public bodies and eAccess. I could not make the IRLDEaN meeting on sep. 6th as I was going on holidays on Sep. 7th and was too busy. I was thus quite surprised when I came back and heard that IRLDEaN have now decided to switch to Education and eAccess. Pleasantly surprised, I might add.

I have not heard anything back from PWDI, so I do not know their plans for the day. Below are the areas that I had proposed to them, and I now put them forward for IRLDEaN to cherry pick from. there are obviously too many to cover them all.

I would be interested in any comments on these or to discuss them with anyone who is devising the plans for the day.

Proposed areas of interest:
Access to e-learning in the classroom
Access to e-learning in higher and further education
Access to e-learning using sign language
Access to books in libraries
Training teachers to use technology (particularly assistive technology)
Training students to use technology (particularly assistive technology)
Copyright and Fair Use
Promoting the use of DAISY (this is a file format used for electronic books)
Making assistive technology available to students in their homes (for homework, research etc)

Effects of Legislation:
What duties do recent Irish equality legislation and the recently enacted European Directives on Public Procurement impose on the education system?

Target Groups:
The Department of Education
Teacher and lecturer unions
the National Centre for Technology in Education
the Libraries' Council
Teacher training colleges

Interesting Initiative:
NASA (of all people) have just announced a new piece of software to assist in teaching blind people. It attempts to describe what a diagram looks like by the use of ascending or descending tones. It would take a bit of work, but IRLDEaN could have a demonstration of this ready for Dec. 3rd.

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