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Graham McAllister g.mcallister at qub.ac.uk
Tue Oct 3 15:55:44 IST 2006

Hi Mark,

For the improved access to public exhibitions we initially looked at  
a very high-tech solution.  This used ultrasonics to track users in  
3D space.  Essentially this technology just wasn't ready (this  
project was over 1 year ago), and still has problems.

The company I founded use more standard solutions, in particular, we  
use Sony's PSP and the GP2X handheld gaming devices.  These devices  
work well for blind (using audio), visually impaired (user can zoom  
in to enhance the image), and sighted users (full multimedia  
experience).  We can also develop games for the handheld which tie in  
with museum exhibitions, this makes it exciting for children and of  
course is educational also.
I'd be happy to talk to you about the solutions we have and the  
advantages they offer over standard audio tours for example. E-mail  
me outside of the mailing list for more information.

I hope to participate in as many Irl-DeAN events as possible, I do  
have a bit more time this semester as I'm on sabbatical, normal  
lecturing load will resume again on February 2007.

Best  wishes,

On 3 Oct 2006, at 14:53, Mark Magennis wrote:

> Hi Graham. Glad to have you on board. Can you say more about your  
> interest in improved access to public exhibitions? It's an area  
> we're looking at within NCBI at the moment. Audio tours for vision  
> impaired visitors. Probably far more simple than what you're  
> thinking of - haptics perhaps? Incidentally, how much is a Phantom  
> these days?
> Wouldn't mind talking to you about Enabled too, though that's a  
> long conversation, not an email. Do you veer come down to Dublin?  
> Perhaps for a future Irl-DeAN event?
> Mark
> On 3 Oct 2006, at 14:22, Graham McAllister wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I also have recently become a member of Irl-dean, here's a short bio.
>> I'm a lecturer in Music Technology at the Sonic Arts Research  
>> Centre at Queen's University Belfast.  My research is focussed on  
>> the area of Accessibility and I'm currently involved in 3 projects  
>> in this area.  I'll give a brief description of each.
>> 1. Multimodal feedback of internet information.  Using audio and  
>> haptics to convey visual information in the area of web browsing.   
>> Project website www.web4blind.org
>> 2. ENABLED - Enhanced Network Accessibility for the Blind and  
>> Visually Impaired.  This is an IST FP6 funded project aiming to  
>> improve access to digital information for blind and visually  
>> impaired users.  Project website www.enabledweb.org
>> 3. Improved access to public exhibitions.  This project aims to  
>> improve the accessibility of public exhibitions such as art  
>> galleries, museums etc, by using novel technologies.
>> I'm also interested in designing Accessible games, I've recently  
>> completed a three month industrial placement working for a  
>> computer games company in Denmark.  At SARC we've also just  
>> finished creating a technology that allows for the rapid creation  
>> of computer games using the PHANTOM Omni, this should provide  
>> exciting opportunities for designing accessible games with haptics  
>> in the future.
>> I am also director of a company that provides consultancy in  
>> Accessibility and Usability.
>> Think that's it!
>> Graham.
>> Dr Graham McAllister
>> Sonic Arts Research Centre
>> Queen's University Belfast
>> T. +44(0)28 9097 5492
>> F. +44(0)28 9097 4828
>> W. www.qub.ac.uk/sarc
>> On 3 Oct 2006, at 13:51, Cliff wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> As I'm a new member to the Irl-dean mailing list Hugh has asked  
>>> me to drop
>>> you a quick introductory mail - so here it goes!
>>> My name is Cliff Cottell, I work for a company called Enhance.ie  
>>> where I'm a
>>> web designer. I got interested in web standards and accessibility  
>>> through
>>> working on sites for clients that needed these features. I have  
>>> found this
>>> to be a highly interesting and worthy calling - so to that end I  
>>> am trying
>>> to learn all I can about it and put it into practise. Websites  
>>> developed
>>> using XHTML & CSS along with the W3C guidelines just make sense  
>>> to me and
>>> our company. To that end our company is setting up a business  
>>> unit called
>>> AUdesign.com (Accessibility & Usability design) to promote the  
>>> idea of
>>> design for all. Our new website should be up and running within a  
>>> few weeks.
>>> Well that's about it, if you want to contact me for anything my  
>>> details are
>>> below. Thanks for reading this!
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Cliff Cottell
>>> www.enhance.ie
>>> cliff at enhance.ie
>>> Ph: 01 8404076
>>> Yahoo IM: cliff_cottell_ie
>>> GAWDS Profile: http://www.gawds.org/showmember.php?memberid=1628
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