[Irl-dean] CTSD is focal point for WSIS follow-up

Frank Mulcahy fmulcahy at iol.ie
Sun Oct 8 11:25:10 IST 2006

Hi Mark,

I know very little about it but this was sent to me to try and encourage 
disability organisations to take notice of what is happening, to register 
with ECOSOC and to try and attend the meetings.

I believe that the core issue is here is access to information, especially 
when it is electronic, and while the obvious people who are affected are 
those who are blind it still impacts on other impairment (disability) 

There are also much bigger issues here and I was sent the message because 
people believed that as many as possible should participate in those CTSD 
meetings.  Apparently this group will meet in Geneva but there is no funding 
available for people to attend.  There are many  people attending to website 
accessibility but one also needs up to date software and hardware and this 
is where we come in.  There has been a disability presence at the WSIS 
meetings but, I  believe, that there won't be at the upcoming IGF meeting.

I hope that the above explains all that I know on the subject.

Best wishes,


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> Thanks for that Frank, but I've read it three times and I still don't 
> understand a word of it :-{
> I'm probably not alone. I don't know what WSIS is or was, I don't  know 
> how NGOs have been participating in the work of the Commission  and I 
> don't know what a development orientation is. Is this something  I should 
> know about do you think, or is it only of relevance to  people who are 
> already involved in WSIS? I'm concerned because I am  involved to a small 
> amount extent in Commission work (representing  EDF, providing feedback on 
> Commission consultations on behalf of EBU,  etc.) so maybe I ought to know 
> about this, or even be involved? I  wonder, could you explain briefly what 
> this announcement means for  people with disabilities and access to ICT 
> and what opportunities are  being presented for people like us to do 
> things that make a difference?
> Thanks,
> Mark
> On 6 Oct 2006, at 09:47, Frank Mulcahy wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I enclose some news which may be of interest to some.
>> The Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD)  will 
>> assist the Council as the focal point in the system-wide  follow-up of 
>> WSIS.
>> It was agreed that this would entail a strong development  orientation 
>> and that the Commission would be strengthened in its  substantive 
>> capacity through the effective and meaningful  participation of Member 
>> States in its work. While preserving the  inter-governmental nature of 
>> the Commission, ECOSOC decided that  CSTD should make use of the 
>> successful multi-stakeholder approach  that was pioneered by WSIS.
>> During the next two sessions (2007 and 2008), the deliberations of   CSTD 
>> will therefore be open not only to NGOs in consultative status
>> with ECOSOC, but also, after approval by ECOSOC, to other  interested 
>> NGOs and civil society entities who were accredited to  WSIS. As this 
>> interim solution is valid only for two years, those  entities who wish to 
>> participate in the work of the Commission for  more than only two years 
>> should apply for consultative status with  ECOSOC immediately. Business 
>> entities will also be able to  participate in the work of the Commission, 
>> on approval by ECOSOC.  The CSTD Secretariat will provide information 
>> about the approval  procedures in due course.
>> Best wishes,
>> Frank
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