[Irl-dean] Great evening and Question

Claude Saulnier claude.saulnier at wandsoft.com
Tue Oct 10 14:19:05 IST 2006

Thanks to Segala for that evening. Great to put faces on names and to share
some ideas on accessibility.
I am giving a presentation on the 9th November to the Franco-Irish business
community on e-Business (details to come) and I have decided to include a
part on Accessibility as I think it might be a good opportunity to educate
business managers and business owners. I was thinking of giving simple
examples with a color blind person and a blind person.
Here is the question:
Where can I can statistics with % of disabilities. Where I am coming from is
to explain to business managers and business owners is that they would be
foolish to ignore the issue.
best regards
Claude Saulnier

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