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Hi Claude,
There are some statistics available from the Central Statistics Office. 
Their groupings and manner of organising the material is strange (e.g. blindness and hearing impairment are grouped together), but it does give the overall figures for disabilities. In pdf, of course...
 <http://www.cso.ie/census/documents/vol10_entire.pdf> http://www.cso.ie/census/documents/vol10_entire.pdf 

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Thanks to Segala for that evening. Great to put faces on names and to share some ideas on accessibility.
I am giving a presentation on the 9th November to the Franco-Irish business community on e-Business (details to come) and I have decided to include a part on Accessibility as I think it might be a good opportunity to educate business managers and business owners. I was thinking of giving simple examples with a color blind person and a blind person.
Here is the question:
Where can I can statistics with % of disabilities. Where I am coming from is to explain to business managers and business owners is that they would be foolish to ignore the issue.
best regards
Claude Saulnier

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