[Irl-dean] Comments

Claude Saulnier claude.saulnier at wandsoft.com
Wed Oct 18 16:22:19 IST 2006

Hi All

We are in the near completion of a website and I was wondering if some
people on the list would like to comment re-accessibility.
http://www.holles-street.com/techlink/ is the link.

I won't be asking the list everytime, but this is the start for us.

A few points before comments:
- The design was done prior to the accessibility issue was discussed (that's
to do with white on blue, before a comment is made)
- there is a small indentation issue on the booking(we're working on this).
- the links section is being redone(we're working on this).
- we'll get the client to rewrite the mission statement so it resizes
- The page title is the same on evry page (we're working on this).
- the design breaks a bit in Firefox (we're working on this).

Many thanks to those who wish to comment.

Claude Saulnier
Claude.saulnier at wandsoft.com 

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