[Irl-dean] Possible Irl DeAN events?

brendan spillane brendan at ilikecake.net
Thu Nov 23 10:19:24 GMT 2006

Hi all,

This is to far off topic to place it on the excellent tread on PDF

As most of you probably know some of the members of this list are
involved in the organisation of an event on the 6th of December to
highlight accessibility in education and as a result of this the
people involved in its organisation have occasionally being sending
emails to the other members of the group, there being no point in
filing every bodies inbox with messages of "ill be there at 3.30" etc

While talking at the meetings about exactly what topics people would
be speaking about at the event we discovered that many members of the
group had in depth knowledge of topics which we could not use at the
event has it would be far to in depth for members of the public but
none the less would be invaluable to some of us in on the list.

As a result of this and following emails between Josh and myself we
briefly discussed the possibilities of people within the list
informally presenting information to each other about emerging
technologies and older technologies at Irl-DeAN events in the future.

Josh if you could refresh my memory about the topic you thought to
speak about as an example?

Perhaps some of these topics could be debated (such as PDF
accessibility) so as Josh wrote (referring to Eoins suggestions)

>Good suggestions Eoin. It would be a good idea to get all our duckys in
>a row on this one and maybe through a group like Irl Dean promote a

Also if enough people in the list wanted to lean about a particular
topic perhaps we could invite people from of the list to speak at one
of the meetings?

These meetings also provide an important opportunity for people in the
list to meet up whether it is to foster business to business
relationships, talk face to face with representatives of the NDA, CFIT
and RINCE or to propose topics for the group where they can be more
easily discussed.

I had the opportunity to go to the Segala FF 2.0 party last weak
(which I thoroughly enjoyed) and it is only as a result of events like
this we can properly discuss the pros and cons of WCAG 2.0 guidelines
(or Joe Clarks new initiative) and accurately predict and talk about
new technologies and in many cases and unfortunately the need to
provide a "subsequent" method of making them accessible to all.

Anyway I thought to fly this kite to see what people think about the
idea. If anyone has any suggestions for or against, how often
something like this could or should be organised, topics they may want
to speak about or would like to hear about just hit the reply link.

Kind Regards,


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